Connect[ED]: Real life online

Connect[ED] real life online is a new web-based resource created by OPHEA for use with students in grades 4, 5 and 6.  The purpose of real life online is to help teachers educate junior students about Internet safety and cyber ethics.

Cross curricular lesson plans, available in both English or French, incorporate curriculum expectations from Health and Physical Education and Media Literacy.  Lessons centre around a video episode for each of the three grade levels.   The Grade 4 lessons focus on netiquette, cyberbullying, creating safe passwords, and educating students when information is posted online.  The Grade 5 lessons focus on chat room ethics, including personal security and hidden identities.  The Grade 6 lessons focus on gaming addictions, and include such topics as cyber civics and webcams.

In addition to sample lesson plans, the site also includes resources for teachers, such as a letter that can be sent home to parents.  As well, a very informative parent resource section is available that offers useful tips with respect to children and the Internet, and a helpful page for creating an Internet Safety Agreement between a parent and their child.

The website can be found at Connect[ED].

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