Social Media Activities - Safe and Secure is a site created and maintained by Russel Tarr. It offers several different templates to create educational games, quizzes, activities, etc.

If you are interested in social media, you may want to check out two of the templates that allow users to create "fake" Twitter and Facebook profiles. These templates go by  the names "Twister" and "Fakebook" on his site. There are other sites that achieve similar end products, but the nice thing about is that they do not require an account or a log in of any type... and they are FREE!

These sites could easily be integrated into a variety of curriculum areas. Students could create "Fakebook" profiles of characters as part of a novel study. In history, students could compose fake "Tweets" from the perspective of a person of historical importance... Imagine Sir John A. Macdonald on twitter! The uses for these tools are endless.

Please share how you  use "Fakebook" and "Twister" in your classes.

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