Wonderopolis is an amazing website that offers a "WONDER" of the day. Each daily wonder comes from a varying array of topics...From "How does bleach work?" to "Why do pigs like mud?" to "What is the smallest thing you can see?". It's a great resource to promote conversations and encourage critical thinking.

Each WONDER includes rich images or videos, and follows a standard layout that includes the following sub-headings:
Have you ever wondered… (A series of topic related questions to encourage further connections to the topic.)

Did you know? (This is the main "WONDER" content area dedicated to information and explanations.)

Try it out! (This section offers a variety of activities, experiments, and tips to encourage follow up investigations.)

Wonder words to know and use: (A list of "WONDER" related vocabulary words.)

Still wondering? (An area that offers lessons or additional links to expand understanding of the topic.)

This is a fabulous site that offers rich content to encourage critical thinking and curiosity. If you have your own blog you can also embed a "WONDER" of the day... Check out the side bar for an example.

Please share how you use Wonderopolis in your classroom.

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