PicLits... Inspired Picture Writing

PicLits are similar to "magnet poetry", but without the magnets. This web 2.0 tool combines vivid images with text to inspire and support creative writing. The site is very easy to use...

Select an image from the large gallery of images, and add your words! 

There are two ways to add text to the images:

1. Use the Drag and Drop interface to add suggested words (this is great for interactive whiteboards)

2. Enter custom text through the Freestyle option

PicLits are great for supporting student writing, developing vocabulary, and examining word choice.

You can register for an account, which allows you to save PicLits in your own gallery, but this it isn't necessary as there are other ways to save student artifacts. Other alternatives for capturing student work include using the Print Screen function, the "Capture" option in SMART Notebook software, or utilizing the Snipping Tool in Windows 7.

Below is a video tutorial for using PicLits. Please share how you use PicLits in your class.

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