Inklewriter - Write Interactive Stories!

Inklewriter by Inklestudios is an online writing platform that allows for the creation of interactive stories or "choose your own adventure" texts. As the writer you can add options to different parts of your story to allow your audience to choose the direction the story will take. You can also import images from a URL to help tell the story. It is a relatively easy platform to use and it has many support tutorials.  Once the story is completed it can be shared via a link. Although it does require an account to be set up, they give instructions on how to set up accounts for students who may not have their own email. It is an engaging text form for writers and readers alike.

Check out these grade 7 student examples. The students completed blog posts about their choice of Inklewriter as a media form, as well as explaining the text features they have utilized.

For more information, see the video below.

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