The purpose of this blog is to support HPEDSB teachers with the integration of technology as they engage in developing their students’ 21st century learning skills. It will be a hub of resources, links, tutorials, and ideas as teachers continue on their technology integration journey.

21st century skills are not necessarily about technology. There are many categories and names for the various skills that make up the so called “21stcentury skills”, but they can be broken down into four big ideas or themes – sometimes referred to as the 4 Cs: CREATIVITY, CRITICAL THINKING, COLLABORATION, and COMMUNICATION.

However, in order for students to be fully prepared for all that the 21st century will offer them, they also need to develop their technology skills along with information and media literacy skills.

This blog, along with system level support personnel, will assist HPEDSB teachers with increasing their own understanding of 21st century skills. It will also support teachers as they build their own capacity and comfort with today’s emerging technologies. Teachers will have access to a variety of resources in a collaborative environment, where they can ask questions and engage in dialogue with colleagues across the district.

The goal is to provide support, and collaborate with colleagues to assist with the integration of technology to extend the learning experiences and 21st century skill development of students throughout HPEDSB.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="497" caption="21st Century Student Outcomes and Support Systems from http://www.p21.org/"]